Edinburgh Short Film Festival Pass

  • 3 films

We’re celebrating our 10th anniversary with special online screenings of our 10 Years Best Films, Animation and Comedy, hosted by Indy Cinema.

Three hand-picked programmes from some of the best films from the first 10 years of the ESFF, including our award winners and Academy Award winners and winners from a host of international film festivals including Palme D’Or winners, Sundance, and SXSW winners.

The programs are available either individually or via our online Festival pass which allows access to all online screenings for only £15. The programs will be available for one week during the 2021 ESFF which runs from Friday November 5th to Sunday November 21st, 2021.

The ‘10 Year Best’ programmes host films ranging from Vietnamese drama to Croatian comedy and from American Indie filmmaking to Belgian black comedy. There’s comedy featuring Johnny Vegas, German Fantasy horror and Oscar nominated Canadian drama.

Animation lovers will enjoy our 10 Years Best Animation programme which features Australian steampunk stop-motion, epic 2D animation from Canada, some fabulous award-winning Irish animation, and a host of amazing international animation.

The ‘10 Years Best’ programmes are among the strongest short film programmes we have ever screened, and we know audiences will be blown away by these amazing shorts.

The online screenings run weekly from Friday November 5th to Sunday November 21st with programmes of Best Film, Best Animation and Best Comedy.

Content included in this bundle

Edinburgh Short Film Festival: Best Comedy
  • Short
  • 11 Episodes
Edinburgh Short Film Festival: Best Film Catalogue
  • Short
  • 8 Episodes
Edinburgh Short Film Festival: Best of Animation
  • Short
  • 12 Episodes