A Spiritual Journey Series 1

  • Documentary, Short
  • 4 Episodes

A Spiritual Journey (1 hour, 24 min)

“Sensitivity is the capacity to understand something that we cannot put into words, what we say without words”. This quote, from Franco “Bifo” Berardi’s latest book ‘And, Phenomenology of the End: Sensibility and Connective Mutation’ (2017), summarises the intention of this programme of films: to take us on a journey through some of the Lusophone countries to enjoy a sensorial, spiritual and otherworldly cinematic experience that goes beyond our physical reality, in search of what is not seen and is being lost in the era of digitalisation. Mon Rivas Programmer

Available in UK and Ireland (from 22nd April 6PM to 24th April 6PM).

  • What is Not Seen
  • The Bodies
  • The Dead
  • Misericórdia


What Is Not Seen

Documentary constructed from a scouting trip around the Azores islands of Pico and Faial, between 2015 and 2017. Years later, while revisiting the captured material, the director found a new other film. A hidden film, where the power of nature and chance reveal a narrative about friendship, cinema and the influence of the unforeseen in artistic creation.

Directed by Paulo Abreu

The Bodies

In Galicia, Spain’s most northwestern region, one of the oldest forms of Carnival takes place every year. During several days there are parades with characters who wear spectacular outfits, including a striking mask and a belt strung with cowbells.

Directed by Eloy Domíngguez Serén

The Dead

After a few vertigo seizures that took me to the hospital, I found myself at the ER waiting room thinking about the dead/deaths of significance in my life. Due, perhaps to the harsh intensity of the symptoms and for fear of soon joining those dead ones, I remembered these episodes which some happened decades before and others not so long ago. The memories were so intense that I had to express them through a text, which is the base of the making of this film.

Directed by Gonçalo Robalo


Filmed around Brazil’s Itaparica Island, this oneiric documentary evokes the rich, complicated ancestry of Bahia—considered the African heart of Brazil—through the dreams of its present-day inhabitants.

Directed by Xavier Marrades Orga