FxIW - Week 3: Payslip Series 1

  • Short
  • 2 Episodes

Sometimes silence is not an option. A pioneering activist filmmaker and present-day Bangladeshi garment workers are united by shared feminist solidarity.

punch in / out: iterations of labour is a season exploring how the world of work intersects with class, race and gender. Inspired by the profound political and personal repercussions of the pandemic, this programme uses shorts, features and archive to delve into key issues facing women in the workforce today. A range of female filmmakers from around the world offer an insight into how past inequalities shape our present-day experiences of work, but they also offer glimpses of hope. Through small rebellions, large-scale collective action or just the simple act of telling their own stories, these women demonstrate how even in the face of cold hard capitalism, resistance is always possible.


To Be a Woman

To Be a Woman Jill Craigie 1951, UK, 18 mins A strident campaign film advocating for equal pay from trailblazing women’s rights activist, writer and director Jill Craigie.

1h 30m
Made in Bangladesh

Made in Bangladesh Rubaiyat Hossain 2019, Bangladesh, 90 mins A powerful drama about a group of young female factory workers in Dhaka who start a union when a co-worker is killed in a workplace fire.